5th Rajasthan Science Congress
13th - 15th October, 2017
Amity University Rajasthan
Focal Theme : Science & Technology for Sustainable Development of State of Rajasthan
5th Rajasthan Science Congress being organised at Amity University Rajasthan from 13-15 October 2017 RSC 2017 : : Important Dates - Rajasthan Science Congress Dates : October 13-15, 2017 || Abstract Submission : 30 September 2017 (submit to : rsc2017@jpr.amity.edu) || Registration - Commerical Presentation : 1 October 2017 || Registration - Industrial Exhibition : 1 October 2017
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With rapid advances in Science and Technology, the societal expectations from Science & Technology are increasing. The focal theme of The 5th Rajasthan Science Congress is Science & Technology for sustainable development of state of Rajasthan. Sustainable development is an emerging area, because it addresses the socio economic development of every human being. Rajasthan is continuously developing state and has been added to the 10 best states of the country. Recently Jaipur, Udaipur, Ajmer and Kota have been nominated in the smart city mission which will drive the economic growth and improve the people's life and hence sustainability.. But there are certain challenges before establishing these major cities into smart cities. As we know Rajasthan is most climate sensitive and least adaptive state in India as well as Rajasthan is vulnerable to the climate change due to adverse alteration in temperature and scarcity of water due to uncertain and unfavourable rain patterns. Also the water resources are distributed unevenly. Secondly, in Rajasthan various kinds and qualities of soil are still unknown which can be discovered and used to implement the climate resilient farming which will result into long term sustainability. Similarly digitization in learning, teaching and latest developments in science, automation and inclusion of internet in industrial sector, economic growth and social growth, security, agricultural sustainability, effective governance, human rights education, stability and strong institutions, promote resilient infrastructure and industrialization are also important conduits for the sustainable development of the state.  These areas are creating opportunities as well as challenges for determining solutions through Science and Technology.

Based on the aforementioned theme and the potential vision for Rajasthan, following sub-themes are proposed:

5th Rajasthan Science Congress - Theme Note
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Rajasthan Science Congress
13-15 October 2017
Abstract Submission
30 September 2017
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Commercial Presentation
1 October 2017
Industrial Exhibition
1 October 2017